The analyser is a unique product at a price that opens up a new market sector.

There are no time wasting demos or expensive training courses.

It combines ease of use without compromising on performance or features

Made in UK

  • No need to wait for the MOT bay to be free to use the gas analyser.
  • No need for power cables (internal battery will last approx 4 hours on full charge).  Chargeable from the mains or 12v source.
  • Infrared printer available.
  • Road testing with the analyser fitted to the vehicle is possible identifying intermittent faults and NOx testing (using 5 gas model)
  • Designed to operate to the same level of accuracy as an MOT approved unit using the same technology
  • The analyser can be taken to the vehicle rather than the other way around, so it is ideal for mobile technicians